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Waxed Polycord Single Roll Pricing:
.020" - $4.88
.030" - $6.42
.035" - $6.79
.040" - $7.13
.045" - $7.47
.050" - $7.85

Bark Tan Waxed Cord

( 13 )
$4.88 each


.020" ultra light weight polyester cord, 1 ply waxed. 210 feet on 2.5" tube.

.030" light weight polyester cord, 2 ply twisted and waxed. 210 feet on 2.5" Tube.

.035" light-medium weight polyester cord, 3 ply twisted and waxed. 210 feet on 2.5" Tube.

.040" medium weight polyester cord, 4 ply twisted and waxed. 210 feet on 2.5" Tube.

.045" medium-heavy weight polyester cord, 5 ply twisted and waxed. 210 feet on 2.5" Tube.

.050" heavy weight polyester cord, 6 ply twisted and waxed. 210 feet on 2.5" Tube.

We call it waxed cord, you may call it waxed thread, and others refer to it as waxed string or waxed twine. This cord is ideal for many uses including: friendship bracelet string, knotting cord, beading string, lacing cord, thread for leather, necklace cord and jewelry cord. We offer 31 colors in 6 sizes, 70 yards per spool.


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very pleased
I have already used some of the thread and I am very pleased with the results. Thank you!! Love the colors
5 1 5
my workhorse color
This neutral tan cord is probably the most versatile of the Maine Thread waxed polyester cords that I order. The color blends well with both natural papers and lighter woods and leather tones, making it perfect for bookbinding projects.
5 1 5
Excellent Product
I've been hand stitching leather goods for many years. This is by far the best thread (cord)I've ever used for strength, durability, the right amount of wax and colorfastness. While I haven't used every color they make, Every color I've used has been consistent..... And the company offers fantastic customer service with fast shipping. HIGHLY recommended.
5 1 5
Waxed Cord
Love this waxed thread and glad it comes in smaller spools. Great selection of colors.
5 1 5
Great Products!
This was my second order and I am VERY happy with the service and EXTREMELY happy with the products. Great choices of sizes and colors ice the cake. You have made my leather business tremendously better by offering great thread at a fair price. (price is important as well as a great product). Thank you for being there for us. I pray we can continue to do business for a long time. Becky @ Cirkle B Leather
We only use Maine Thread and are never disappointed. We've never had an issue with ordering or shipping, and we have never had an issue with our ordered products. Bark tan is a popular color with our customers, and we really like it, too.
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