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Twisted Waxed Cord

We've been making twisted waxed polyester cord for decades. Waxed cord with a twisted construction is a premier choice for hand sewing, particularly within the hand sewn shoe making communities. Twisted waxed cord is suitable for just about any project including leather work, pine needle basketry, taxidermy, and hand sewing moccasins. We offer this cord in six sizes and 36 colors.

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Braided Waxed Cord

We are now producing braided waxed cord. New in 2022, this cord is made of the same high-tenacity fibers as our twisted cord, but the yarn is finely braided rather than twisted. The effect of braiding creates a tightly woven cord with a different look and feel than its twisted counterpart. Ideal for any hand stitching project, we offer this cord in three sizes and 13 colors.

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