Sharp Point Knife 79 1/2

Sharp Point Knife 79 1/2
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Osborne No. 79 1/2

White hardwood handle, sharp point knife. A popular knife in the shoe and leather industries. Steel blade.

Length (inches) 3 3/4"
Length of cut (inches) 3/4"
Weight ea (oz) 2oz
UPC No. 80080


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My father's first job was a shoemaker. That is where he learned of the importance of a good knife. After he married he wanted Mom to have great paring knife, so he bought her a shoemaker's knife. This knife Sharp Point Knife 79 1/2 is as close as I can find to the paring knifes I grew up with. It is a great kitchen knife. It makes a great gift to anyone who uses a paring knife.

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