Sewing Awl Haft 145

Sewing Awl Haft 145
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Osborne No. 145

A popular sewing awl haft. Widely used by shoemakers. Knobbed end permits easy grasp and prevents slipping. Also made for wrapping thread. Made of hard maple. Varnished. Comes with chuck and wrench. Weight 2oz., UPC No. 62224.

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C.S.Osborne awl haft 145
Received item in new condition and in a timely fashion.High quality haft for a reasonable price. Thank you.
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I love this. I own cheaper ones, so difference. That CS is nice to handla and strong in the same time. Very simple to use
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Great Haft
Works great with each of my awls. Sturdy at a good price.

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