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Sewing Palm 266

Sewing Palm 266
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$18.18 each

Osborne No. 266

A strong, vinyl iron thimble, palm. Revited joints. Furnished either in right or left hand. 

  • Osborne No.  266-RH - Description Sewing palm -Right hand - Weight ea (oz) 3 - UPC No. 67332
  • Osborne No.  266-LH - Description Sewing palm-Left hand - Weight ea (oz)  3 - UPC No. 67334



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Palm 266
First palm I've tried. Works well but is not adjustable for size of hand. I had to splice in an extension on the back to make it fit my hand which is upper average size. Had to cut out some leather to make it fit thumb. Seems like a good value for the price however.

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