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Black Waxed Cord

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.020" ultra light weight polyester cord, 1 ply waxed. 210 feet on 2.5" tube.

.030" light weight polyester cord, 2 ply twisted and waxed. 210 feet on 2.5" Tube.

.035" light-medium weight polyester cord, 3 ply twisted and waxed. 210 feet on 2.5" Tube.

.040" medium weight polyester cord, 4 ply twisted and waxed. 210 feet on 2.5" Tube.

.045" medium-heavy weight polyester cord, 5 ply twisted and waxed. 210 feet on 2.5" Tube.

.050" heavy weight polyester cord, 6 ply twisted and waxed. 210 feet on 2.5" Tube.



We call it waxed cord, you may call it waxed thread, and others refer to it as waxed string or waxed twine. This cord is ideal for many uses including: friendship bracelet string, knotting cord, beading string, lacing cord, thread for leather, necklace cord and jewelry cord. We offer 31 colors in 6 sizes, 70 yards per spool.


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5 1 5
Black waxed cord
The cord fits the description on the website. The package arrived very quickly. I will order more from this company.
5 1 5
Good Thread
This thread worked great for my projects and is much cheaper with the same quality as other brands. The size options for different thread are not available from other sources and are very useful.
5 1 5
Great for pine needle baskets
The .035" is great for pine needle baskets. It gives a great rustic look and holds tight without having to pull too hard. The only con is if you too long a cord (about three arm lengths) it will start to untwist. But less is fine.
5 1 5
This is the best cords for making necklaces. Love the great strength and selection of colors!!
5 1 5
Waxed cord is outstanding. It makes a tight knot, does not tangle.and lasts for years. I use it mostly in the yard to tie up this and tie down that. If you change your mind, you have to cut the thread. Of course I use it as thread if I have to repair any fabric in the yard chairs. Even boxes that are going to be stored benefit from the endurance of this binding.
5 1 5
Great Cord
Exactly what I was looking for. Great for leather working. Thanks.
5 1 5
Waxed cord
Waxed cord from Maine Thread Co. is my favorite thread to use for making pine needle baskets. Strong, uniform and a wide range of colors and weights. A quality product all the way around. Much appreciated the free sample card, taking the guess work out of color and weight choices.
5 1 5
Excellant company
Great products and excellant service!!! Second time ordering, pleased both times!
5 1 5
great product
Great for sewing leather fast shipping just pay attention to how to many ply it is that was my mistake. Great company to shop with
5 1 5
Great Thread
This thread has been great on all the projects I have done. The price and quality are both great.
5 1 5
Great thread
5 1 5
This is the best thread for making tiny turks head and goucho knots!
5 1 5
Maine Thread for Crafts
I am a professional basketmaker, and I am delighted with the quality of Maine Thread for small baskets. I decorate with beads and it is easy to slip the beads on the .035-sized thread. Their product is also much cheaper than any other that I've found.
5 1 5
Great Value
I love this thread. The price is right and the quality is great.
5 1 4
Great Product.
Great stuff. I think it could use a bit more wax to be perfect.
5 1 4
Very good product
I placed my order on Thursday and it arrived on The following Tuesday, which I feel was a little slow, since they are only 2 hours away from me. I use the thread for leatherwork (motorcycle seat) and it is perfect for this. The thread is a uniform color and thickness, so it looks very nice when hand stitched. It is lightly waxed, so it slides through the leather, without leaving a build up from pulling through the small holes. On longer seams I had to rewax the ends to keep them from unravelling but this is normal and I'm ok with it. The thread did not fray or get fuzzy during the sewing process and looked very nice when I was finished. It seems to be a good qualty product that is reasonably priced. This was my first time ordering from or using Maine Thread products and I will order from them again. If you do quality work and need a product that will produce a finished item that reflects that, this thread will work for you.
5 1 5
Waxed Cord
I bought the cord for braclet making. Great product. Shipped fast. Once I run out I will definitely be ordering more.
5 1 5
product and prompt, helpful service. What more could you ask? I'll be back for sure.
5 1 5
great thread
I weave pine needle baskets and had been using Crawford waxed Irish linen for years but its very expensive! I discovered Maine Thread is just as good and less than half the price. I love that I can get it in different thicknesses....I use the .20 for very fine work and I recommend it to all my students and friends. Would love to see more colors soon.
5 1 5
As always, a 10 !!
I would, however, like to see a bit more wax on the thread. My Bark Tan had the amount I like. I'm sure some would not be happy with that, but that's just me. lol. I can always add wax too. Keep up the good work.

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