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Frequently Asked Questions

What products do you manufacture in house?

We manufacture the twisted waxed polyester cord and (coming soon) braided waxed polyester cord. 

All other cords available on our website, such as machine threads, cotton splicing cord, and Blue Bird cotton cord are products we distribute rather than manufacture.


Can I buy polyester thread with no wax?

No. We are unable to sell our polyester thread without wax. The wax holds our thread together, without it - our product would unravel.


Can I purchase in person?

Yes. If you’re local or visiting the area, you can stop in to our Factory Store located at 550 Lisbon St. Lewiston, ME 04240. We’re open M-F 7:00AM - 3:30PM. 


Can I get a free sample?

Yes, we offer sample cards for our waxed polyester and our polished cotton. Email to request a color card 


Can I buy in bulk?

Yes. If you are interested in buying in bulk or distributing our thread, email to discuss ordering and pricing


What are the conversions for the waxed polyord in millimeters?

.020" is equal to .51mm 

.030" is equal to .76mm 

.035" is equal to .89mm 

.040" is equal to 1.02mm 

.045" is equal to 1.14mm 

.050" is equal to 1.27mm 


What size waxed polycord is best for making windchimes?

All sizes of the waxed cord we produce should work for windchimes. Many customers go with the size that would look right aesthetically. If you have quite a heavy windchime, you may find our break test information helpful to make sure you’re making a good thread selection. 

.020 breaks at 14 lbs.

.030 breaks at 30 lbs. 

.035 breaks at 43 lbs. 

.040 breaks at 49 lbs. 

.045 breaks at 64 lbs. 

.050 breaks at 78 lbs. 


What size waxed polycord is best for stitching wallets?

While any size could work, the most common thread sizes sold for that purpose are .035" and .040"


What size needles should I use?

The needle you select depends on the thickness of the thread you’re using. On our site and in our store we sell C.S. Osborne harness needles and recommend the following thread and needle pairings: 

.020: size 3

.030: size 2

.035: size 1

.040: size 0

.045: size 00

.050: size 000


How do the cotton cord and waxed polycord thicknesses compare?

.5mm cotton cord is roughly the same thickness as .030" waxed polycord

1mm cotton cord is roughly the same thickness as .040" waxed polycord

1.5mm cotton cord is roughly the same thickness as .050" waxed polycord

2mm cotton cord is larger in diameter than any of our waxed polycord